Welcome to the GOLEM remote control room

This is the real remote control room for the tokamak GOLEM, where you can configure your own discharges and put them into the queue. The discharge setups are processed based on agreement with the tokamak GOLEM operator team.

Feel free to setup your discharge in the CONTROL ROOM, then see your choices in the QUEUE. The actual discharge is proccessed in the LIVE window and then have a look at the output in the RESULTS table. You can also use the GOLPLOT interface for comparing results from different discharges.

For an even more realistic experience you may watch the live feed from the IP CAMERAS, observe the status of the CHAMBER or CHAT with the operator team in the bottom window.

Currently two levels of remote operation are available:

Whenever you'll feel lost, please consult the WIKI.

Before you start to operate this tokamak, you may want to see the tokamak and the infrastructure room in the 3D VIRTUAL MODEL

Enjoy. Please feel free to send comments on this control room to the operator or use the FEEDBACK form.

Vojtech Svoboda for the GOLEM team.